ideeWe offer product design from idea to the end.

We can begin with development of the idea: finding out price and consulting manufacturing options for your electronic device. We can recommend different technological solutions or already existing solutions.

If idea is fixed we will prototype it. Good relations with different suppliers and experience with development platforms allow fast production of prototype of your liking. Prototype demonstrates how critical functions will work in the device.

If prototype has given more insight then we polish it to manufacturable product. It includes finding manufacturing partners, preparation for production and developing of test equipment.

IMG_0994We use different programs and technologies for our research and development:

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) simulation and design (Altium Designer, SPICE, KiCad, Eagle CAD)
  • Mechanical design (Solidworks, Alibre design, FreeCAD)
  • Embedded programming (MSP430, AVR, PIC etc.)
  • System programming for drivers (Python, C++, C, LabView)
  • IPC-A-610 certified assembly of prototypes and preparation for manufacturing

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